My Advice for Writers


"Writing is only part of what I do--there's also hours of interviews and research."

Learning to make olive oil at Bodega Garzon, in Uruguay

Learning to make olive oil at Bodega Garzon, in Uruguay

I often get asked “How can I become a freelance writer?”

While I’m happy to dispense advice, I also have resources to recommend.

One of my favorite resources for those who want to launch a freelance-writing career (or even take it to the next level) is a book by two writing veterans called Renegade Writer, A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success. Most libraries carry it or you can pick up a copy on or order through your local bookstore. I’ve met Diana and Linda and they are the real deal. This book coaches you in writing effective pitch letters, consulting contracts and other details about managing your writing career. costs $99/year but is totally worth it. I’ve been a member since 2005 and quickly found camaraderie within the membership. Active forums and market reports are what makes this group so outstanding.

American Society of Journalists & Authors is another organization for writers. There are two membership levels—associate and professional—as well as an annual conference in New York City, magazine, and opportunities to connect with writers and editors.